Article related to new BBQ

I thought you might want to pass this on to the people who were complaining about that restaurant and all the smoke. Was that ever resolved or is it still a problem? I copied and pasted the article itself because the link may be subscription only (but try it, easier to pass on)-from San Francisco Chronicle. Same thing happened there-the smoke is “within the air quality rules”. To me that’s absurd, especially with the particles in the smoke. 

-Wendy Willingham

SF Tenderloin residents, irked by smoke from upscale market, launch ‘Pink Lungs Matter’ movement

Meraki Market opened in October with the promise of delivering upscale deli-style food to San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. But locals say the Stanlee Gatti project has brought more than cold-salted chicken legs and cave-aged gruyere to Post Street.

“I open my windows and it’s smoke filling the air, smoke filling my apartment,” said Alex Folsom, who lives across from Meraki.

The smoke emanates from the market’s wood-burning stove, as first reported by Eater SF, where employees grill a variety of proteins and vegetables over flames fueled by almond and mesquite wood, the latter of which emits an aroma reminiscent of Texas barbecue….