Kerns SOLVE Team Announces First Cleanup Event of 2021

Hello Kerns SOLVE Team and Kerns community
We’re happy to announce that the Kerns SOLVE Team is back in action after weathering the pandemic. With the weather getting nicer and vaccinations in full swing – we will begin neighborhood cleanups again in collaboration with SOLVE
Our first event will be at the Pepsi Blocks this Saturday April 10 from 10am – Noon – meeting by the Zipper outdoor area.

There are 13 slots left out of 25 – so please sign up soon before the slots all fill up!There will be more opportunities – as we are planning cleanup events on April 24 and May 8 and no doubt beyond that.
We will probably be moving towards the Sunshine Dairy building with each event and then from there keep moving around the neighborhood.
As we get more into the swing of things we can grow the events. For now we are starting small.
So if you’re interested please sign up and we look forward to seeing you there – and at future cleanup events!