Southeast Uplift July 2018 Land Use & Transportation Committee agenda, project updates, and more

July Meeting Agenda and Updates

Land Use and Transportation Update
July 2018

Land Use & Transportation Committee Agenda 
Monday, July 16, 2018 7:00-9:00 PM

3534 SE Main Street, Portland OR

Please join us. All are welcome!

7:00 – Welcome, Introductions, Announcements (Leah Fisher, Neighborhood Planning Program Manager)

  • Announcements
  • Training opportunities

7:10 – Neighborhood Contact Code Update (Sara Wright, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability)

Overview: This project is reviewing the “Neighborhood Contact” requirement in the Zoning Code (33.700.025) to create a more effective process to support early information-sharing and create opportunities for project developers to talk with neighbors. The proposed code changes include changes to both the required process and triggers of the existing Neighborhood Contact Requirement. Sara attended our April meeting to share the Discussion Draft. She is returning to share changes and proposals in the Proposed Draft that the Planning and Sustainability Commission will review and make changes to.

Purpose: Understand changes from the Discussion Draft, review the current proposal, opportunity to ask questions.

Applicability: Land Use Representatives/ All Neighborhoods.

7:40 – Project Updates (Marty Stockton, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, BPS Liaison)

Overview: We haven’t spent much time at our last couple meetings reviewing current BPS projects. Marty will be available this month for highlights and questions in July.

Purpose: Review current projects and ask questions.

Applicability: Land Use Representatives/ All Neighborhoods.

7:30 – Metro Regional Transportation Funds (Leah Fisher & Terry Dublinski-Milton)

Overview: Metro’s 2018 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) will establish priorities for state, federal and regional funding and help set the stage for the new and expanded options for walking, biking, and vehicle trips. Policy makers are looking for community input on whether the investments in the project lists match community transportation priorities or what other ideas community members and jurisdictions have on how to continue improving the region’s transportation system? Comment now through Aug. 13 For more information go here.

Purpose: Understand the RTP, and review the project list map. Identify any key priorities for Southeast and potential projects for additional advocacy.

Applicability: Transportation Representatives/ All Neighborhoods

8:30 – Brainstorm Session – Communications with Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) (Leah Fisher)

OverviewDistrict Coalitions and Neighborhood Associations have a clear connection with the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) through the District Liaison Program. We do not have this same level of communication and access to other Bureaus such as PBOT. This has created challenges over the years for both parties, on city-wide and smaller neighborhood-level projects. Not surprising, this challenge is not unique to Southeast, and coalition staff are partnering to come up with some solutions to improve our relationship and communications with PBOT. As local advocates, I’m curious what concerns you have, what solutions you propose, what is working well with PBOT what could be improved, and any other background, thoughts, or ideas you have in approaching this issue.  

Purpose: Spend time collecting challenges, possible solutions, and other background and context for Leah to take back to colleagues at the coalition offices to address relations between PBOT and neighborhoods. *If you are not able to attend this meeting in person but have comments, please emailLeah Fisher.

Applicability: Transportation Representatives/ All Neighborhoods

8:40/remaining time- Networking (All Participants)

Purpose: The remaining time shall be spent networking with colleagues, talking about common challenges and sharing successes.

Applicability: All Representatives/ All Neighborhoods

Congestion Pricing Update

The Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC) will hold a special listening session on Thursday, July 12 to hear public comments on congestion pricing recommendations. Go here for more information on this event.

Neighborhood Contact Code – Proposed Draft available!

Submit comments on the Proposed Draft for the Neighborhood Contact Code Update by August 14th online here, by letter to the Planning and Sustainability Commission, or in person at the public hearing (August 14th @ 12:30pm).

Learn more about the draft at our upcoming LUTC meeting Monday night from 7-9pm. 

Southeast will trial new traffic technology.

The Smart City PDX Traffic Safety Sensor Project will pilot the use of sensors on three of Portland’s dangerous streets, including SE Hawthorne and Division.  Go here for more information on this unique effort.

ONI is now the Office of Community & Civic Life

Go here for information on the Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI)’s new name, goals, and visual identity. Here is a guide to understanding how the Office’s mission remains the same, as they begin the next chapter.