2018 Buckman-Kerns Community Collection Event CCE

The 2018 Buckman-Kerns Community Collection Event CCE) took place at Hinson Memorial Baptist Church at 20th and Salmon Street from 9AM to 1PM on Saturday, June 23, 2018. Thanks to more than a dozen great volunteers from the Buckman Community Association, Central Catholic High School, and the Kerns Neighborhood Association, the event collected waste and reusable items from 60 visitors.

Three 20 cubic foot yard boxes were filled to capacity for an estimated total tonnage of 10.5 tonnes. Official tallies are pending from Heiberg. Additionally, numerous electronics and appliances were recycled by Green Century. Estimate is 2500lbs pending their official total. The event should surpass 2017’s totals by nearly 40%. The courtesy and skilled work of the volunteers made for a safe and harmonious event.

Of 60 participating households, 25 arrived by car/small SUV, 23 by truck/large SUV. Participants also included two large vans, three bicyclists, and seven drop-offs from pedestrians. Approximately 17% of the drop-offs involved cloth items (carpet, bedding), 14% appliances (1 A/C, 3 monitors, 4 microwave, 1 electric range, 1 mini-fridge), 13% metallic furniture (lawn chairs, medical support equipment, exercise equipment, child car seats), 13% wood/plastic furniture (office chairs, cabinets, shelves, sofas), 11% mattresses (11 ct), 10% plastic/glass panes, 10% scrap wood, 4% bicycle parts/tires, and 4% auto tires (15 ct), and 4% lawn mowers (3 ct). Other unique items included aluminum flagpole, convertible top, and golf clubs. This year, no yard debris was dropped off, possibly due to staging the event in June instead of April. Thank you to everyone for your contributions!

Michael Petticord
Kerns Neighborhood Association Board