White Ally Toolkit from SE Uplift

white ally toolkit
Do you consider yourself a White Ally? Have you spoken to people who believe racism does not exist? Do you want to learn how to effectively communicate with the people in your life who are in denial about racism? Are you afraid of misspeaking when talking about racial issues?
SE Uplift is hosting a White Ally Toolkit Training led by David Campt

If anti-racism allies are going to change any minds, empathetic listening will likely be important. But, the anti-racism movement should not expect People of Color to empathetically listen to white racism skeptics. White people are in a much better position to execute listening-based strategy with people who are skeptical about whether racism is real.

On a daily basis, People of Color (POC) must endure the indirect expression of white skepticism that racism really matters, and they must do so as they are they are experiencing overt and subtle racism in many parts of their lives. Some people of color might want to choose to have conversations where white people’s racial skepticism is consciously expressed. But it would not be fair to expect people of color to endure this.

This is a workshop for anyone believing that racism still exists and has questions about approaching the topic of race with other white people in their communities.
If you are unable to pay the $10 cost for the training please contact Muz,muz@seuplift.org, (503) 232-0010 ext 319, for information on how to obtain a scholarship to cover the cost of attending the training.

*Contact Muz at muz@seuplift.org or call (503)232-0010 ext 319 if you require special accommodations.

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