SE Uplift November meeting agenda, project updates, and more!

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Land Use & Transportation Committee Agenda
Monday, November 20, 2017 7:00-9:00 PM
3534 SE Main Street, Portland
All Are Welcome!

7:00 – Welcome, Introductions, & Project Updates (Facilitator: Leah Fisher, Neighborhood Planning Program Manager; & Marty Stockton, BPS Liaison)
Project updates
Training Opportunities
7:20 – Division Transit Project (Brenda Martin, Community Affairs Representative,TriMet)
Background: The Division Transit Project, previously the Powell-Division Transit and Development Project, will improve travel between Downtown Portland, Southeast and East Portland and Gresham with easier, more reliable bus service. The project transitioned from the planning process led by Metro to a design and construction phase lead by TriMet through 2020. This phase will encompass the stations, adjacent crossings, and modifications at major intersections along the route. SE Uplift has a representative on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee for this project, John Carr, who has been tracking the project and sharing information with the LUTC and SEUL Board. For more information go here.

Purpose: Provide an update on the 30% design milestone and share relevant feedback from the open houses that occurred in early November. Opportunity to ask questions to TriMet staff or the SEUL Division Transit Project Representative (John Carr). Understand next steps. Learn about engagement opportunities such as the online open house available until November 26th.

Applicability: All Neighborhoods / Transportation Reps
7:45 – Historic Code Project (Brandon Spencer-Hartle, Project Manager, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS).

Background: The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) is advancing a zoning code project that will make changes to how the City of Portland identifies, designates, and protects historic resources. During this moment of citywide growth and change, the project seeks to better align the city’s historic preservation programs with other community goals. Go here for more information.

*Please read this short article in advance of Monday’s meeting to prepare for this topic.

Purpose: BPS just starting this process, therefore, this is a great opportunity to understand the scope and process of this code project, get neighbors involved early, and provide feedback.

Applicability: All Neighborhoods / Land Use Reps
8:30 – Networking (Land Use and Transportation Reps, Regular Attendees, and Guests)

Background: As outlined in the LUTC Charter, this committee offers an opportunity for Representatives and community members interested in Land Use and Transportation issues to interact, learn from each other, and partner on advocacy efforts. On the rare occasion there is availability, the Neighborhood Planning Program Manager builds in time for participants to network and get to know each other better so everyone can support each other in this work.

Purpose: Neighborhood Association elections have occurred in the last 6 months so the LUTC has a number of new representatives and participants. The group will spend some time getting to know each other better in order to better support each other, learn from each other, and potentially partner on advocacy efforts. All are welcome to join in and meet their neighbors and colleagues.

Applicability: Everyone

8:55 – Wrap Up (Leah Fisher)
December – no LUTC meeting – Happy Holidays!
January – Look for content that gets us back to basics: ABCs of Land Use; Portland maps training; city process overview; and more. Great for new representatives and interested neighbors new to this information.