FREE Spay/Neuter with Promo Code Spring18

Cats yowling, spraying or fighting in your neighborhood? Most likely it is because spring is breeding season. When you spay/neuter these behaviors are greatly decreased. To help, the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon is offering a Spring Spay/Neuter Special we think people in your neighborhood will want to know about.
Through a grant from the Petco Foundation we are able to provide FREE Spay/Neuter services for feral and stray cats. The special is available through May 25.
Attached is a flyer that you can share with neighbors at your next meeting, by email, or in your newsletter. You can find the flyer at this link. If you think neighbors would benefit from seeing this special on Nextdoor or other places online, feel free to use this flyer and the text below in a post. 
Please let me know if you are able to share this information. With your help we can reduce the number of homeless cats in our neighborhoods.
Nextdoor Script:
The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon (FCCO) is offering a FREE spay/neuter special for feral and stray cats this Spring through generous support from Petco Foundation. Getting cats spayed/neutered this Spring will reduce nuisance behaviors like yowling, cat flights and spraying, and it will prevent unwanted litters of kittens this summer. Make an appointment today and use Promo Code: Spring18!
Call 503-797-2606 or visit to schedule your appointment. FCCO is located in SW Portland just off I-5.
Individuals feeding feral or stray cats qualify for free services, regardless of income or where they live. Pet cat prices are on a sliding scale starting at $15. Make sure your kitty is healthy and kitten-free for life. Call today!