Kerns Monthly Meeting, February 17, 2021 Supplemental Materials

Agenda for
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Kerns Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting Agenda
6pm – 8pm

1) 6:00 – 6:10 Zoom Entry / Introductions – All
2) 6:10 – 6:30 SE Uplift Q & A – Matchu
3) 6:30 – 6:50 Kerns NET (Neighborhood Emergency Team) – Heidi & Jan
4) 6:50 – 7:10 Houselessness Issues + SOLVE, Rob Nosse Letter – Dave
5) 7:10 – 7:30 Kerns Outreach, Arch – Josie & Dan
6) 7:30 – 7:45 NextDoor: Merging Outer and Inner Kerns – Dave & Rebecca
1) Introductions idea from Michael Fox 

During live meetings, we had pizza from a local Kerns restaurant. We can do the same with takeout for our virtual meetings.

Consider ordering takeout to support our Kerns local restaurant for the meeting.


2) SE Uplift Q & A

a) Website:

b) SE Uplift February 2021 E-Newsletter:

c) SE Uplift Communications fund page:

d) SE Uplift Communications fund FAQ:

e) Kerns United Fund

Kerns NA,

I’ve compiled information on the Kerns United funds held at SEUL. Please share the information with the Kerns board. I’d be glad to discuss the project and answer questions at the February Kerns meeting too. As of November 30, 2020, $1,229.84 is designated for KNA Kerns United.
From the Kerns NA Fiscal Sponsorship application for 2017, Kerns United is described as,
The Kerns United Intersection Repair Project was started in 2011 by neighbors in the vicinity of the intersection of NE 24th Avenue and Everett Street. This project is a small-scale (1 day) neighborhood project, undertaken by volunteers, focused on building relationships between neighbors, strengthening the neighborhood identity and creating a sense of place within the larger urban environment.  The street graphic painted on the intersection of NE 24 Avenue and NE Everett Street is a modified version of the Kerns Neighborhood symbol.  This graphic was approved by PBOT in 2011.
Additional information on the Kerns United Intersection Repair Project is available at the blog below.
This fiscally sponsored project is an ongoing neighborhood project of KNA. SEUL’s tax id was used to fund raise for cash and in kind donations. As a reminder, grantees must apply or new on an annual basis and sign updated policies and agreements. For more information on renewing see the financial sponsorship handbook below.
Our Financial Sponsorship Handbook contains guidance on donations. I’ve provided an important detail here on the question of Kerns United funds held by SEUL:
  1. Q: Can we use funds donated for one project on a different or alternative project?
    No. Legally, SE Uplift is required to ensure that donations made on a project’s behalf are used towards those intended activities. If a Grantee cannot fulfill their project plans, funds will either need to be returned to donors or used on a similar project that fulfills the same purpose. Alternatively, Grantees could get permission from each donor to reallocate the funds for another project.
What does this mean for the funds held for this project? Those funds were donated to be used for this specific project and must be used accordingly, or with a similar project, unless the original donors agree to the donations being used for a different purpose. The good news is that funds are available for painting the intersection at 24th & Everett or for a similar project. This is a good, outdoor activity that a few volunteers could gather around to promote community involvement, interest, and outreach within the Kerns neighborhood.
I hope this helps and provides resources for KNA to access.

Matchu Williams | He, Him, Él

Community Liaison Program Manager

SE Uplift Neighborhood Coalition

3534 SE Main Street | Portland, OR 97214

Desk: 503-232-0010 x314 |


 3) Kerns NET (Neighborhood Emergency Team) – Heidi & Jan

a) Kerns NET page:

b) Where are you on the preparedness continuum?
Talk with local Neighborhood Emergency Team members at the February KNA meeting

At your next Kerns NA meeting, we would like to have an open-ended conversation with attendees around where each person is on the ’emergency preparedness continuum.’
The following link should help you get ready for the meeting. It is a link to Sunnyside Prepared!, which is the emergency preparedness committee of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association.

Emergency Preparedness

We are:
Jan Molinaro, a Sunnyside NET (Neighborhood Emergency Team) Assistant Team Leader. I have been working for several years with my micro-neighborhood, around SE 40th and Taylor Street, on emergency preparedness.

Heidi McNamee, KernsNET team leader. For info on KernsNET, sign up here


Heidi McNamee & Alan Lehto
Team Leaders, Kerns NET

c) Here are a few additional articles Jan wrote recently. Maybe they will help kickstart people thinking about their personal preparedness!

From: Jan Molinaro <>
Date: Fri, Feb 5, 2021 at 2:48 PM

Digital preparedness on my cell phone

As I look at my iPhone 11, I see what kind of resources I have to keep me up-to-date for emergency response.

To begin with I have my children, my husband and a good friend here in Portland listed as Emergency Contacts on my phone. It’s especially important to have at least one emergency contact be someone out-of-state and that person is aware of that information. It’s likely that text messaging will be the best way to communicate, at least for awhile, if the power is knocked out city-wide or state-wide.

In the event of an earthquake or an extended power outage, having one or more power banks is important, as phone batteries drain quickly in the cold. Turning off unnecessary functions like GPS, bluetooth. and wifi will also significantly extend battery life.
I have these apps also installed on my iPhone: American Red Cross Emergency app, American Red Cross First Aid app, 211info app.  the FEMA app (you can customize your alerts), and the NOAA Weather app.And, finally, when I hear of any weather event that might affect the power in our area, I immediately charge up my phone to 100%.

The Other Emergency, an earthquake, that is…
For many of us in the emergency preparedness world, this pandemic is ‘practice’ for the BIG ONE. That is not to downplay in any way the seriousness of our current world issues. This is to say that, due to our training, both as professionals and volunteers, we were a bit calmer at the onset of the pandemic as we reviewed and revised our own preparedness efforts to meet the current challenge. This work and planning is ongoing. In the big picture, it  is best to prepare, and then improvise, as needed.

Working at the micro-neighborhood level, it’s my job to get my neighbors as prepared as possible, having offered training and materials and workshops and tips over the years. This is hard work, but worth the effort.Let me walk you through a very good scenario that I hope can take place after a major disaster in my neighborhood.  After the event ,when  I have made sure my home and family are okay, and it is safe to do, I plan to walk through my neighborhood and check in on my neighbors. I know most of them by name and by sight, and know they have enough food and water to last for two weeks. They all have a shelter in place plan that is activated and are keeping themselves as safe as possible, knowing that it is possible that we will be without any emergency services help for the immediate future.
As we are able, neighbors help neighbors nearby.
Those with radio communication skills like ham operators will be able to share news and critical information when cell phones and the internet are down. There are many licensed ham operators in the Sunnyside neighborhood.
We are calm and do the best we can because we all prepared ahead of time.
We prepare, and then we improvise.
Where are you on the preparedness continuum? Start where you are and keep going!
Jan S Molinaro
Co-chair, Sunnyside Prepared! (a committee of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association)
Sunnyside NET (Neighborhood Emergency Team) Assistant Team Leader



4) Houselessness Issues + SOLVE, Rob Nosse Letter – Dave

a) Letter from Representative Rob Nosse to SE Uplift:

Good morning Tina and Leroy

I hope this email finds you both well.  I am writing hoping we can work together on something – to change the approach that the City and County take via the Joint Office of Homeless Services approaches camping of homeless people. I think this unsanctioned system and then the sweeps never worked and it is still not working.  Would you both be willing to get the SE Uplift Board and member neighborhoods to join with me and approach City Commissioner Dan Ryan and Mult County Chair Deborah Kafoury to make a change.  (see attached letter that I would ask you all and member neighborhoods to sign onto.)  Basically I think it is time for sanctioned camping – the details of which I would urge us to leave a little vague for now.

I could try this on my own but I honestly believe I will have more success if you all join up with me and we do this together — I think I/we will have a better chance.  I need help.  Will you consider adding this topic to the agenda for the February 1st Board meeting?  Will you circulate this letter to the Neighborhood Associations for urgent review, with the goal of voting in February for SEUL to co-sign this letter? I am happy to make calls, come to a meeting and do whatever you need provided you both think this is a good idea and are willing.

I can best be reached at 971-235-9342 or at I hope to hear from you both soon about the idea, the letter and the approach.

Rob Nosse

Rob Nosse Draft Letter

b) Kerns SOLVE page – including Houselessness Resources:

c) Email from Martha Peck Andrews to Kerns

Hello, Kerns NA,

We are residents and business owners in the triangle of Kerns between NE Sandy Blvd and the freeway.  We have an ever growing homeless encampment situation going on that is harming the quality of life in our neighborhood.   You probably know all about it if you’ve been in the block north of the Zipper.  And we recognize this isn’t the only location in the neighborhood that has become an encampment.   It’s not only bad for the neighborhood, it’s especially unsafe and unhealthy for the folks who are living in this squalor of trash and make-shift shelters.

We would like to join the Kerns NA meeting at 6 pm on Feb 17 via Zoom – please advise me if this is NOT the scheduled date & time – and discuss what the neighborhood is doing to help solve this unsafe and unhealthy problem.   As members in the community, we want to work toward a realistic solution.

If there is a Kerns committee or task force working on this problem, we would appreciate being able to contact those people.

Thank you,

Martha Peck Andrews

d) Email from Rick and Rachael Groenendaal

Dear Kerns NA,

Hello! On the morning of 2-2-21 my wife and I awoke to our recycle bin totally melted in our driveway and a scorched side of our home. According to the fire investigator, Jared Laws, the suspect used an itinerant to ignite our empty bin. Needless to say we are shocked as we nearly lost our lives, home and place of business.
I am fairly certain the suspect lives in a homeless camp behind the old Pepsi building near 27th and Ne Sandy. Please take strong action to help us as our lives and livelihood depend on it.  Go ahead and take a look at the report, RP# 21-9970 and Do The Right Thing!
Best Regards,
Rick and Rachael Groenendaal

5) Kerns Outreach, Arch – Josie & Dan

a) Kerns Outreach Postcard – Josie Booth

Just wanted to show you my final KNA POSTCARD design.

I was thrilled I found clipart that I actually like that was free! Whats
also great is it shows a diverse community as we want everyone
interested in KNA community happenings to feel welcomed!

Attached are screenshots of the 2021 KNA POSTCARD.

Please check to make sure all copy and links are correct.

Thank you,
Josie Booth


b) Kerns Gates Vision

Hello Board Members,

I wanted to give you a heads-up as to what I’ll be discussing at Wednesday’s meeting. I’ve attached the pdf of the Scope of Work for the Kerns “Gates” idea.
Daniel G Lyman, LCSW, MPA

Kerns Gates Scope of Work


6) NextDoor: Merging Outer and Inner Kerns – Dave & Rebecca



We are in the process of trying to merge them together